Symptoms of Stress

Do you have too many of these Symptoms of Stress ?

The vast majority of people with symptoms of stress usually do not understand the damage it is causing them. They do not appreciate that the physical and mental problems they are enduring are down to the stress in their lives. Literally millions of people in the UK and maybe billions around the world do not realise they are suffering from symptoms of stress.

Help is at hand as I can help you to reduce or eliminate your symptoms of stress.

What doctors have to say about the Symptoms of Stress

  • In the UK G.P.s say that the majority of the patients they see have symptoms that are stress related.
  • It is now the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK.
  • The HSE states that stress affects 20% of the working population from all levels of employment.
  • And that about 110 million work days are lost due to stress each year – costing UK employers around £1.25 billion.

Below is a list of symptoms and conditions caused by stress. Some are slow killers! All of the symptoms listed below due to stress I help with all the time. If you need help with any of these just call us on 01322 401388.

Physical Symptoms of Stress

  • Higher than normal blood pressure
  • Increased “bad” cholesterol in the blood
  • Regular palpitations or skipped heart beats
  • Almost constant rapid heartbeats – which could lead to a possible heart attack

    Symptoms of stress cannot sleep

    Symptoms of stress – suffering insomnia and sleep disorder thinking about his problems

  • Breathlessness, especially if they need to do sudden activity
  • Occasional or frequent bouts of dizziness  and other vertigo type symptoms
  • Occasional or frequent fainting or becoming light headed. Their head feels like it is ‘swimming’
  • Often sweating or feeling cold when everyone else is OK
  • “Fits” of trembling – especially the hands
  • Odd sensations like tingling hands and feet, ‘pins and needles’ for no know cause
  • Disturbed sleep patterns – too little or can’t wake up
  • Fatigue or can’t be bothered – tired all the time
  • Noticeable and frequent digestion changes – indigestion and IBS
  • Loss of sexual drive
  • Frequent and often severe headaches and migraines
  • Regular aches and pains – especially in the joints
  • Always catching infections – pick up every cold or bug going
  • Minor injuries take ages to heal

Mental and Emotional symptoms of Stress

  • Frequent lack of concentration – losing train of thought doing simple tasks
  • Regular memory lapses – are not able to recall simple things or names easily

    do you have Symptoms of stress

    Symptoms of stress – headaches and tierdness are common

  • Making decisions becomes difficult – unable to weigh up the pros and cons quickly
  • Easily gets confused and disorientated
  • Anxiety and panic are always just below the surface and can happen for no major reason
  • Frequent bouts of melancholy or feeling low “a touch of depression”
  • Clinical Depression – diagnosed by a professional
  • Impatience, on “tenterhooks” all the time – everything is annoying, all people are stupid or do stupid things
  • Regular fits of rage – usually over trivia
  • Frequent crying and tearfulness – becoming over-emotional at minor things
  • Deterioration of personal hygiene and appearance – do not wash, groom or change clothes, etc.

Behavioural symptoms of Stress

  • Eating behaviours changes; develop cravings for sweet or fatty foods. These can become obsessive
  • Emotional, (comfort), eating – often for any minor issue
  • Full blown eating disorders – anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia or overeating

    Symptoms of stress change of eating habits

    Symptoms of stress can lead to anorexia or other eating disorders

  • Large and regular intake of alcohol & other substances increases
  • Smoking rises to help “cope with stress”
  • Restlessness – can’t sit still or be quiet, always fidgeting, can’t relax and take ‘time out’
  • Self-harming, usually minor – nail biting, hair pulling, scratching, spot picking, etc. Can become worse over time

In modern or Western Society stress related disorders have become increasingly common and are increasing all the time.

They cause wear and tear to the mind and body and can be instrumental in both physical and mental breakdown. Some stress related problems, (like hypertension), have become endemic in the population. Stress and ways of combating it are the major goal of many medical and psychological researchers.

The stress response develops to a perceived threat either physical or psychological. This is a primitive and innate  reaction, which is needed for survival.