How do we become Stressed?

How do we become Stressed?

How do we become Stressed? We are often the reason that someone else can become stressed.

Becoming stressed is normal

We can become stressed due to many small things happening at the same time

We only become stressed when real or perceived changes/problems overwhelm the mind and body’s ability to cope. This stress becomes harmful to us. This overwhelming stress leaves us prone to mental/emotional and physical illness or even a breakdown. If someone is under prolonged and unending stress it will have a calamitous effect on their physical, emotional and spiritual health. They become distressed.

It has been estimated that being stressed is the most common cause of illness in modern society, and some GP’s believe that it is the underlying root of up to 80% of the problems they treat.

The most common stress related illnesses are:

  • Digestive problems/gastric ulcers/IBS
  • Insomnia or oversleeping
  • Migraines or pressure headaches
  • Depression or long bouts of being low and ‘can’t be bothered’
  • Frequent coughs/colds/flu
  • Respiratory problems – asthma
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Obesity and a whole range of eating disorders
  • Cancer
  • Over indulgence in smoking and alcohol/drugs

What makes us stressed?

There is no single thing that causes us to be stressed that can be applied to everyone. Something you find to be fun and enjoyable; other people will find to be very stressful. E.G., you may get great stress relief from free-falling from 10,000feet, I would find it very stressful.

‘One man’s pleasure is another man’s stress’. It is strange that even things that just about everyone agrees are stressful everyone copes differently.  Some will be experiencing little stress while others may be utterly overwhelmed by it and highly stressed. Below are the main point most people mention when talking about their personal distress.

Most people blame external factors for their personal stress but with help eventually realise their stress is internally generated. Stressors fall into one of two areas:

How do we become Stressed? External reasons:

  • the physical environment you are in
  • social interaction – home and work
  • major life events
  • daily hassles
  • social/cultural/organisational constraints

How do we become Stressed? Internal reasons:

  • lifestyle choices – personal
  • negative self-talk – how you ‘put yourself down’
  • mind-traps, (unrealistic goals/expectations of yourself)
  • personality traits – innate and learned
  • Plus many others

These are discussed in detail on further pages.