What do I mean by Spirituality?

Spirituality is a greater sense of:

  • meaning to your life
  • having a purpose to follow
  • yourself, a sense of that which is greater than self.

Spirituality for me is about practices to enhance the experience of your life. It is about connecting with your own inner self, (some would use the term spirit), that is all encompassing and universal. It’s regaining the inborn connection with nature within yourself. Listening to innate instincts and desires that allow you to be you in all your peaceful glory.

Spirituality is not being religious

Spirituality by using the Flourish Programme Hypnotherapy Dartford, Richard Wain, Gravesend, Kent, Cressingham

Enjoying her Spirituality

Religion represents only a minor part of universal spirituality. For many people I have worked with, their religion hindered rather than assisted their spirituality. Most clients have no religion but want to fid their natural spirituality.

I work with people of any religious inclination or none. I make no attempt to change a clients views on religion. Initially we explore self-awareness, self honesty, self acceptance and then how you relate to the world and other people.

Am I a spiritual teacher or mentor?

I tend to say “No. I am neither but more a guide to give you the tools to open your mind to go beyond the limits of your present self.”

I can’t ‘pigeon hole’ Spirituality

Everything I do within the Flourish Programme has an inbuilt spiritual aspect. It is not always apparent and most of my clients do not ever realise that they have had to delve into their inner spirituality to let go of their clutter of life.

Addicts and those abused go there most but usually have no real idea that they have. However; it shows in their new lives after they have worked with me.

The Searching Questions to Ask Yourself

These are based on the main things that people have told me over the years – time and time again.

  • You feel that there is some kind of dimension that isn’t present in your life?
  • Do you have a real desire to connect to it?
  • Are you craving meaningful exchanges with people but meet un-ending barriers?
  • Is there a sense that your inner being is searching for something better? Perhaps an inner beauty, a greater love, universal connection and understanding.
  • Can you feel that something is missing – maybe to do with health, peace or the innate you?

If you are answering “Yes” to these questions then let’s work together to fulfil them.

Where I Do Not Go as a Therapist

Yoga, Praying, Tantra and Meditation, including Mindfulness.

Spirituality using the Flourish Programme by Richard Wain

Man embracing his spirituality at sunset

They are not me so please do not ask me for help in these areas.

Using specialised advanced Flourish Programme techniques we open up your inner wisdom and allow it to Flourish. And Flourish in a very short space of time – not weeks of trying and failing at meditation in uncomfortable positions. I am not saying they do not work but they take a long time to master.

All I am saying is; if there is a faster and more efficient way to awaken the spiritual  inner you – why not take it?

You may not get another one; or may you?


With the Flourish Programme you can:

  • Awaken your inborn spirituality
  • Accept yourself as perfect – develop Self Awareness and Self-honesty
  • Establish a sense of Personal Freedom
  • Develop a LoveLife relationship with your inner Self (or a higher power).
  • Explore Who am I, Who are You?
  • Let go of the ego and resistance
  • Respond to and not react to circumstances and other people.
  • Learn how to live in the present moment
  • Instil inner love, peace and stillness.
  • Acceptance of fear, life and death
  • Attune to your inborn intuition
  • Attune to your inborn energy
  • Let go of disconnection
  • Discover purpose and meaning
  • Understand Synchronicity

What happens in a Flourish Programme Spirituality session

As with all other Flourish Programme sessions they are individually tailored to you and needs of each person. Many people are able to achieve their quest in just 2 session. Usually people have let go of their life-clutter and made the first spiritual journey within 3 hours. Some people go on to have more sessions if they feel they need them.

The  Flourish Programme is a safe and supportive system for you to explore your inner self, to regain balance in your personal and working life and to align with your life purpose,  true values and spirituality. It provides the tools that connect you with the ‘heart’ of who you truly are. Allowing you to live a healthier, fulfilling life and build a far brighter future. We will be working with highly effective and specialised Intuitive-Spiritual Flourish techniques that allow you to develop your spiritual changes with ease.It focuses on your inborn inner guidance, natural skills, positive beliefs and instinctive brain processes which we can all attach to when in the right state of mind.