Psychoneuroimmunology – Hypnoneuroimmunotherapy©

Let us just start with psychoneuroimmunology, (psycho-neuro-immunology). This is the study of the connections between three elements of your brain, mind and body.

Basically these are explained below:

  • What you are thinking and feeling – the “psycho” bit
  • Your brain and nervous systems functions – the “neuro” bit
  • Your body’s immune system responses and workings – the “immunology” bit

An easier way to say this is: the state of your mind is in has a direct effect on your immune system, health and well being.

When things go wrong in any part of this system, it goes wrong in all of it. It becomes a vicious cycle of decline in function and efficiency. As soon as a positive change occurs, the whole system improves as it wants to run at peak performance.

Hypno-neuroimmuno-therapy© is the application of psychoneuroimmunology in hypnosis to benefit general health and boost the immune system.

Flourish Programme for rapid creation of psychoneuroimmunity Hynotherapy Dartford, Gravesend, Kent, Richard Wain Cressingham

Psychoneuroimmunology and Hypnoneuroimmunotherapy for optimised health

Let us do a little ‘thought experiment’ to explain what I mean.

Remember a time or an occurrence that made you feel happy. Remember how it felt as if it was happening again. Remember the details and live it again. In just a few seconds you will be having a happy emotions and feelings. These are caused by hormones and other neurochemicals being released into your brain and body.

How much better will you feel every day if you could keep those ‘happy’ chemicals surging round your brain and body?

This is close to the concept of psychoneuroimmunology. It is actually impossible to have any kind of feeling or emotion without the presence of the correct hormones or chemicals that cause that feeling, in your body at that moment.

All of these neurochemicals are actual molecules that have been named. Their molecular structure has be uncovered, their chemical formulas are known and their origins recognised. We know which glands they are released and controlled by in your body and brain.

When I need a quick boost of ‘happy chemicals’ I think of a small park near my home. It has 9 large and mature cherry trees, 2 different shades of pink. In April

psychoneuroimmunotherapy Hynotherapy Dartford, Gravesend, Kent,Cressingham

Cherry blossom in the pale dawn April sky

they bloom and I love walking my dog by them early in the morning – the sun catches the dew on their petals and it like they sparkle with a million tiny diamonds.

Breakthroughs in psychoneuroimmunology* have proved that your mind, nervous system, and immune system are intricately connected. But there is no set sequence to the connections, just that each is interconnected to the others.

So we arrive at the following conclusions:

  • That your state of mind effects your neural processing and your physical and mental well-being
  • That your neural processing effects your state of mind and your physical and mental well-being
  • That your physical well-being effects your state of mind, emotional wellbeing and neural processing

If anything goes wrong in this system, it becomes a vicious cycle. You need a certain degree of control and for you to gain that you will need a gateway into the system. Now for the tricky bit – which of the three elements of psychoneuroimmunology is the best gateway?

Logically it’s got to be your mind. But to be truly effective it has to be the mind-body as one. So; starting with your mind what happens when we examine the sequence of cause and effect? What you think and feel, (psycho bit), causes your nervous system, (neuro bit), to react accordingly and make changes in your body.

I am going to use stress along with negative thoughts and emotions which cause:

  • anxiety
  • abnormally fast neural processing
  • mental overload that impedes normal functions like digestion
  • forgetfulness
  • high blood pressure
  • rapid heart rate
  • lipid being dumped into the blood
  • exhaustion
  • depression
  • slow reflexes
  • oversleeping or under-sleeping
  • dullness of intellectual ability

Notice how many of these are physiological and to say these can be controlled just by the mind is not 100% accurate. This is where other therapists fall down. They are still stuck in the “It’s all in your mind” mindset.

However; positive thoughts and emotions cause the exact opposite

Optimal neural processing stimulates the immune system – rapid cell repair; effective white blood cell count and function.

How can you learn to focus your mind-body on optimal neural processing for optimal hormone and neurochemical production?

How do we do this?

You come to see me for a totally free 30 minute consultation. (This can be completed over the phone if required). We discuss your situation and it gives me an opportunity to explain things more fully and get to know you as you are at present and sense your energies. I will explain psychoneuroimmunology and the Flourish Programe fully.

After that we will set your initial session for psychoneuroimmunology during which we will set powerful foundations in place based on your personal needs.

We will be working with highly effective and specialised Hypnoneuroimmunotherapy Flourish techniques that allow you to kickstart your immunological changes with ease.

Usually most people have let go of their life-clutter and made the first steps to better health using psychoneuroimmunology within 3 hours. Some people go on to have more sessions if they feel they need them.

The Hypnoneuroimmunotherapy sessions are individually designed with your personal input to give you the mental and physiological training you need to create a successful self-control system. You will have a psychosomatic anchor to aid you in focusing your mind into the optimum state you need to be in, every day.

* The main interests of psychoneuroimmunology are the interactions between the nervous and immune systems and the relationships between mental processes and health. PNI studies, among other things, the physiological functioning of the neuroimmune system in health and disease; disorders of the neuroimmune system (autoimmune diseases; hypersensitivities; immune deficiency); and the physical, chemical and physiological characteristics of the components of the neuroimmune system.

Information sourced from various research articles online.

There is now sufficient data to conclude that immune modulation by psychosocial stressors and/or interventions can lead to actual health changes. Although changes related to infectious disease and wound healing have provided the strongest evidence to date, the clinical importance of immunological dysregulation is highlighted by increased risks across diverse conditions and diseases. For example, stressors can produce profound health consequences. In one epidemiological study, all-cause mortality increased in the month following a severe stressor – the death of a spouse.

Stressful events trigger cognitive and behavioural responses which, in turn, induce sympathetic nervous system and endocrine changes, and these ultimately impair immune function. Such as anxiety, fear, tension, anger and sadness and physiological changes such as heart rate, blood pressure, and sweating.

Potential health consequences are broad, but include rates of infection HIV progression cancer incidence and progression, and high rates of heart disease and stress burnout. researchers found consistent stress-related increases in numbers of total white blood cells, as well as decreases in the numbers of helper T cells, suppressor T cells, and cytotoxic T cells, B cells, and Natural killer cells (NK).

Flourish Hypnotherapy Treatment Sessions

Flourish Hypnotherapy by Richard Wain

Flourish Hypnotherapy is Phase 1 of the Flourish Programme. It can get people where they need to be in just 2-3 sessions.

The Flourish Programme is in 2 phases – Phase 1: Working on the immediate problems using Flourish Hypnotherapy.

Phase 2: Life Builder© to provide ongoing support until recovery is complete. (Optional – not all people need this).

What happens in a session

The Flourish Programme is an amazingly effective and empowering way to significantly improve your situation. We will look at your needs and build a treatment plan based on those. Most people can work through their problems in 3 hours of Flourish Hypnotherapy. But some people may need a some sessions of Life Builder afterwards.