Fertility Programme

The Flourish Fertility Programme

 Flourish Fertility Programme. Hynotherapy Dartford, Gravesend, Kent, Richard Wain Cressingham

Flourish Fertility Programme to help with natural pregnancy or IVF and other treatments.

The Flourish Fertility Birth Programme has been created as a very specialist programme. The Flourish Programme is very versatile and has the ability for new facets to be added as required. Having studied the Fertile Body Method I have adapted it and the Flourish Programme to form a very powerful programme to help increase fertility.

Every Flourish Fertility Programme is absolutely unique to you, if a partner is involved theirs will be different to yours. I do not follow pre-written scripts – you can get that sort of treatment from an over-the-counter CD. (May work for someone).

I will never go against any medical advice you are receiving – I am not a replacement for a medical practitioner. I am here to help you be in the best possible mental and physical shape you can be to become pregnant.

As well as being a highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapist, counsellor and psychotherapist I also hold a Level 4 Nutritional Therapy diploma. Therefore I do feel I am qualified to offer you informed nutritional advice as part of The Flourish Fertility Programme.

Do you recognise this or similar scenario?

  • A couple/woman decides they want a baby.
  • But the months pass and conception does not happen.
  • The thoughts and process becomes all consuming, almost obsessive and difficult to focus on the other parts of your life.
  • The months drag on and start to feel somewhat detached, maybe isolated from the rest of the world.
  • You become ‘depressed’ with a deep sense of sadness and are fearful of the thought of infertility.
  • You feel time is running out – the biological clock is ticking
  • The window of opportunity is closing.

How does The Flourish Fertility Programme work?

  • Goes way beyond relaxation and much further than ‘standard’ hypnotherapy
  • It uses a scientifically proven mind-body system
  • Uses your mind and body to make incredible psychosomatic changes
  • Helps you let go of stress, limiting thoughts, etc
  • Compliments medical treatments such as IVF or natural fertility ones


The Flourish Fertility Programme can help to enhance your fertility by:

  • Reducing everyday stresses and those around falling pregnant by helping you to become calmer and relaxed
  • Working on a whole body level to restore your physical, mental, emotional balance and wellbeing. Spirituality can be worked on if required
  • Utilising special techniques and/or lifestyle changes to improve hormonal imbalance
  • Utilising special psychoneuroimmunology techniques improve your immune system function.
  • Defeat negative self-talk, eliminate undue worry and challenge all limiting beliefs.
  • Resolve ‘Brain Clutter’ that may be stopping conception.


The Flourish Fertility Programme help you prepare for conception by:

  • Helping to make all required changes to your lifestyle – such as diet, alcohol, smoking, etc.

     Flourish Fertility Programme. 2

    The Flourish Fertility Programme can be used to change your diet, lifestyle, stop smoking and drinking to help you get pregnant

  • Helping to make all required changes to your lifestyle – diet and exercise; possible weight loss
  • Developing powerful confidence about becoming pregnant.
  • Improving your monthly cycle.
  • Increasing your sperm count and its motility.
  • Getting you ready for IVF or any other fertility treatment.


The Flourish Fertility Programme and I will support you every step of your fertility journey by:

  • Providing you with powerful psychosomatic anchors. (These are incredible self-help techniques that will maintain the changes that you are making should enhance your fertility
  • Showing you how to use these anchors when you do conceive to help you to reach full term.
  • Being there for you if your IVF treatment fails.
  • Providing counselling or other emotional support – giving you the chance to talk openly about your feelings.
  • Providing counselling or other emotional support in the case of any death and loss.
  • Coming to terms with and accepting infertility.

The Flourish Fertility Programme can help to reduce the limiting effects of infertility on you by:

  • Greatly enhancing your mental, emotional, physical, (and spiritual) wellbeing
  • Removing your destructive negative feelings: stress, anger, jealousy, hopelessness, frustration, guilt, anxiety and depression.
  • Improving strains in your close relationships: partners, friends and family.
  • Working on intimacy problems by improving your sexual relationship. This leads to lead to greater chance of conception the natural way.

The Flourish Fertility Programme can help you to reduce the negative effects of infertility by:

  • Giving your self-worth and self-esteem back to you
  • Allowing you to trust your own body or that of your partner
  • Helping you get out of the ‘sex has become a chore every month’. Get the fun and pleasure back


The Flourish Fertility Programme can help during any assisted fertility treatments by:

  • Increasing chances of successfully becoming pregnant.
  • Reducing any negative psychological or physiological effects of fertility medication.
  • Helping to restore your mind and body to health after medical treatments.

Many other fertility hypnotherapists provide fixed programmes – usually 3-5 sessions, I do not. You are the best judge of how you are feeling. I will state that 3 is the minimum I would recommend but the number of sessions depends on how much we need to deal with in them.