Birth Programme

The Flourish Birth Programme

The Flourish Birth Programme has been created as a very specialist programme. The Flourish Programme is very versatile and has the ability for new facets to be added as required. Having studied the hypnosis birthing processes I have adapted the best from them and the Flourish Programme to form a very powerful programme to help make birth easier.

Flourish Birth Programme for a better birthing experience

Flourish Birth Programme for a better birthing experience

Every Flourish Birth Programme is absolutely unique to you. I do not follow pre-written scripts – you can get that sort of treatment from an over-the-counter CD. (May work for someone).

I will never go against any medical advice you are receiving – I am not a replacement for a medical practitioner. I am here to help you be in the best possible mental and physical shape you can be at ease, comfortable and relaxed during the birth of your baby.

As well as being a highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapist, counsellor and psychotherapist I also hold a Level 4 Nutritional Therapy diploma. Therefore I do feel I am qualified to offer you, if required, informed nutritional advice as part of your Flourish Birth Programme.

My philosophy behind the Flourish Birth Programme

Giving birth is a natural process and should be a calm, as pain and stress free as possible for mother and baby.

To achieve that mum should enter labour healthy and prepared mentally, physically (and spiritually). I believe that Mother Nature has given all women an innate birthing process – FBP is designed to help Mums attach to it and enhance her natural instincts at this wonderful time.

Hypnotherapy in childbirth

This refers to the use of hypnotherapy to assist in the birthing process. This practice works on the basis that most labour-related pain is the result of fear and tension, which can be diminished or even eliminated with hypnotherapy.

Research for Hypnotherapy in Childbirth

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Flourish Birth Programme for contented mums and babies

Hypnotherapy was considered a controversial treatment. However; the NHS is now accepting its value in the delivery room or for home births. Studies confirming the claims that, compared to general population figures, hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis during childbirth leads to:

  • decreased average length of labour
  • lower cesarean section rates
  • decreased use of pain relief medication such as gas and epidurals
  • increased ease and comfort of labour and birth
  • greater emotional satisfaction for mothers and their birthing partners

(I am not going to list the research documents here but you will find many valid examples online).

The majority of women experiencing hypnotherapy during childbirth of their subsequent children tend to feel more in control, confident, relaxed and focused than their first one.

What we cover for Mum and Baby in the Flourish Birth Programme

  • The reasons behind the ‘Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome’. We look at the 3 phases – before, during and after birth. We work on reducing or eliminating the anticipatory anxiety and tension.
  • Next we look at the pain aspect of birth. You will be taught Hypno- anaesthesia; the process of self- anaesthesia. This will reduce the need for chemical painkillers in pregnancy and especially during and after birth. Some women can control their pain so well that they need no drugs or other interventions at all.
  • Breathing, an important part of birthing. To help reduce the exhausting ‘long pushdown’ phase the mother is taught how to use natural body pulsations to breathe the baby down. Mums also learn how to stop any hyperventilating from happening.
  • With the above in place we can concentrate on having a short labour so that Mum is less fatigued, baby is less stressed and the experience is less traumatic for both of them.
  • We finally look at after birth and put processes in place to prevent or greatly reduce post-partum depression, (baby blues). And how to love baby fully from the moment he/she is born.
  • We also look at your general health and then work on any lifestyle and dietary changes that may be wise to put in place.

What we cover for Birthing Partner in the Flourish Birth Programme

There are also sessions for the birthing partner, if required.

  • These will cover their own fears, anxieties and inadequacies. Or any other issues they may have.
  • They have a very important role to play before, during and after the birth so they do need to be prepared. We don’t want them face-planting the floor!

What we do not cover in the Flourish Birth Programme

In a nutshell:

  • all the gynecological and medical stuff
  • where to give birth
  • labour and birthing positions
  • early parenthood, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, nappy changing, washing your baby. etc.

This is to come from the experts in those areas; antenatal classes, midwives, doctors, health visitors, etc.

How many sessions will I need of the Flourish Birth Programme

Many other birth hypnotherapists provide fixed programmes – usually a set number of sessions, I do not. You are the best judge of how you are feeling. I will state that 3 is the minimum I would recommend but the number of sessions depends on you and your birthing partner.