Terminal Illnesses

Terminal Illnesses

Terminal illnesses - the pains and emotional issues can all be helped by Richard Wain

Terminal illnesses – the pains and emotional issues can all be helped by the Flourish Programme

Terminal illnesses are those that give a person the expectancy for life of around six months or less. Some people realise their health is deteriorating, often over a long period of time.

Eventually they seek medical help and are diagnosed with  one of the terminal illnesses. Usually this is a huge shock, especially when they are told they cannot be cured.

People usually go through at most, if not all, of the 5 stages of coming to terms with death or dying from terminal illnesses.

These stages are

  • denial
  • anger
  • bargaining
  • depression
  • acceptance

This is not a fixed order – people can experience them in any order. They can be long or short and of differing intensities. There is a huge a range of other emotions as-well-as the big five.

One of the other emotions is grief. But there is research eveidence that shows many people do not go through grief. These people appear to have an innate resiliance so grief is irrelevant to them.

How can the Flourish Programme Help with Terminal Illnesses?

Please look at the previous section on the menu on the right – Cancer Support. This will give you a more indepth idea of how the Flourish Programme can help with terminal illnesses.

Flourish Programme will help you to deal with range of powerful emotions that rise up inside, and move into another stage, if you wish to.

Many people review their life and let go of old ‘wounds’. They feel the need to ‘patch things up’ heal rifts and set the record straight. They just don’t know how to or have the courage to do so.

Others need help to live with the illness or treatment, and facing their own death. They need to let go of their feelings of failure or guilt at leaving others behind to cope.

Many people need to gain a respite from the physical pain of their terminal illness or beat their depression or anxieties.

There are also people who have been diagnosed with one of the terminal illnesses and go into remission or just simply beat and lead long and happy lives. I would never say that the Flourish Programme will help you to achieve this, but in some instances it has been a great help to other people.


*Richard Wain makes no claims that any of illnesses/diseases listed or any others can be cured using the Flourish Programme or any other system that he uses.

He will never suggest in any way that he is a replacement for medical doctors or other heath practitioner. He will never suggest or condone you not taking any prescribed medication. This is to be the sole responsibility between you and your GP or other medical practitioner.