Addictions I WILL NOT work with

Addictions I WILL NOT work with

I will not work with hard drugs. There are some addictions I will not work with as they are not suitable for the rapid system that I use. Sorry but for those people, it is the more standard route that is required.

Addictions I will not work with. This list is a guide and is not comprehensive.

2CB & 2CT-7 (hallucinogens) – all users

2-DPMP (Ivory Wave) – all users

Alcohol – heavy totally dependent drinkers

Amphetamines & Crystal Meth – daily users

Amyl Nitrites (Poppers) – daily users

Cocaine – frequent daily users

GHB & GHL – all users

Heroin – all users

Khat – heavy daily users

Ketamine – all users

LSD – daily users

Methadone – all users

Mephadrone – all users

Naphyone – all users

Pain Killers – all prescription drug users

Piperazine – all users

PMA – all users

Solvents – daily users. I may work with some people if light use only

Tranquillisers – daily users