Addictions I work with

Addictions I work with; plus Bad Habits

Addictions I work with in Dartford

Marijuana is one of the Addictions I work with

Addictions I work with – I help with many addictions and bad habits – Marijuana is one of those. I see people for this addiction on a very regular basis.

This list of addictions I work with is not exhaustive and you may have an addiction or habit not mentioned. Email me and see if I can help you.

Before you do check the page of addictions I do not work with.

The treatment will vary depending on the person, the addiction help they need or if it is shifting a bad habit that is annoying you.

Alcohol – binge drinking, evening drinking, (some all-day drinkers)

Amphetamines & Crystal Meth – occasional users, weekend users

Amyl Nitrites (Poppers) – occasional users, weekend users

Anabolic Steroids – occasional users, most regular users

Caffeine – coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks, tablets

Cannabis (Marijuana) – occasional users, weekend users, (some regular users)

Cocaine – occasional users, weekend users

Chocolate – (See sugar below)

Comfort, (Emotional) Eating – (See Food and Sugar below)

Computers – including ipads, etc

Cough Medicine

Dieting – always on a “diet”

Ecstasy – occasional users, weekend users

Exercise – gym addiction, running miles a day, etc

Food – sweet treats, savoury, portion size, junk food, fatty food, etc (See Sugar below)

Gambling – slot machines, bookies, card games, casino, scratch cards, lotto, Internet, etc

Gaming – Xbox, PlayStation, Internet, etc.

Gum chewing

Hair – dying, changing style, constant checking, etc

Khat – occasional users, weekend users

LSD – occasional users, weekend users

Lying – not telling the truth, lying when there is no logical reason to

Magic Mushrooms – occasional users, weekend users

Make-up – too much, constant checking, constant touching-up, etc

Mobile phone

Nail biting

Nicotine – cigarettes, e-cigarettes, patches, gum, spray, etc.

Pain Killers – over-the-counter only. No prescription drug users



Salvia – occasional users, weekend users, (some regular users)

Self-harming – depending on frequency and severity or cutting, etc


Shopping – in person and internet

Skin and Spot Picking

Sleep (lack off) – burning the candle both ends, staying up for no real reason

Snacking – (See Food, Sugar and Comfort eating)

Social Media

Solvents – occasional users, weekend users

Speed Eating – rushing meals, gobbling food down all the time, etc

Swearing – for no real reason

Sugar – sweets, cakes, biscuits, desserts, chocolate, etc

Talking to yourself – Singing, Humming aloud

Tanning – sun beds and fake


TV – soaps, being a couch potato

Work – workaholic, married to the job, bring work home