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I help with…..

To the right is a list of the main areas I help with. I have to say that it is not complete – it could be several times longer. So if you cannot see the problem there just contact me to see if I help with that issue.

I know that many other therapists list 50 or more things they help with but I see that as a little bit pointless. As you will have realised I am a highly experienced senior clinical hypnotherapist so I have worked with most things that this type of work can throw into the pot. Also Responsive Hypnotherapy and the Flourish Programme works for most people for most things most of the time. There a few things that even this powerful therapy is not suitable for.

Some of the headings in that list contain many individual problems. If we think about all the phobias

I help with many different problems Hynotherapy Dartford, Gravesend, Kent, Richard Wain Cressinghams

I help with many different problems, stress, anger, addictions and so much more

that people have seen me for I would be listing a 100 or more some of which seem really strange to most people.Sonia had developed such a phobia of oranges that she could not go shopping in case she saw one. If she did she went into a blind panic. We completely lifted this in a 1 hour and 2 hour session of Flourish ProgrammeFlourish Hypnotherapy. (Hi Sonia, thank you for letting me use you as an example)

The same applies to addictions. People can be addicted to so many different things, some of which you would never expect, for example Farley’s Rusks. I worked witha lady eating 30 or more per day, every day. Her family went on holiday abroad every year without her as she could not take 2 weeks worth of Farley’s Rusks with her. She let go of this in just 2 hours of Flourish Hypnotherapy work. (Hi Julie, thank you for letting me use you as an example).