How I work – Intuitively

How I work – Intuitively

I firmly believe the above statements and when I work with you I will take them as granted. Every session is totally individual and especially tailored to you. I do not work from ‘one-size-fits somebody’, ready prepared scripts. I do not use any scripts at all. I listen emphatically to your needs and develop an intuitive treatment plan as unique as you are. I am not bogged down and stuck in old style psychological dogma – most of what I do is based on modern Positive Psychology, Psychoneuroimmunology, Neuropsychology, Evolutionary Psychology and personal connection, not outdated theories from the 1800’s and 1900’s.

Would you go to a doctor or dentist who was still practicing techniques 100 years old? My guess is that you would not.

For some people it is: ‘therapy once – problem gone’.

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Be guided through the clutter of the mind and be happy

This once only visit is based on a 2 hour session of The Flourish Hypnotherapy© . The results are forever – and I do not give you a CD to listen to for a month after treatment. Please think about that for a moment. Why on Earth would you need a CD to listen to after paying for hypnotherapy treatment to get rid of the problem? It should be sorted, shouldn’t it? One reason could be that the old school hypnotherapy is not all that good. After all I should know – I’ve been there doing it!

Flourish Hypnotherapy requires me to work intuitively with you. I may work out a session plan but if you need to go elsewhere in your mind I follow and respond intuitively changing what we are doing to fit your needs.

So let me ask you a few questions:

Are you in pain, be it emotional, physical or spiritual?

  • Is that pain due to: stress, depression, anxiety, phobia, addiction, eating disorder, weight problem/s, sleep problems, self-esteem, self-worth, self-value, etc?
  • Are you in physical pain – real or psychosomatic?
  • Do you need to find the better you, the higher-self or increase your spirituality in general?

Are you unhappy or uncertain about your life or future – like you need something more in your life?

  • Maybe you are seeking some Passion, Purpose, Peace, motivation, direction, recognition or spirituality, etc. This can be in personal or work life.

Is there something lacking in your working life?

  • Are you: bored, stressed, ‘treading water’ do not know which way to go?

Is there a bad thing or two at home or work?

  • Are you: being abused/ bullied, suffering toxic-relationships at home or at work?
  • Are you: working too many hours or just dog-tired – exhausted or facing burnout?

Is it that you know you need to let go of ‘stuff’ from the past and move on?

  • But cannot do it as you feel stuck, lost or in a haze of indecision about what to do.

I believe we all are born with an infinite amount of Vital Inborn Power that allows us to conquer all problems that come our way. Somehow we lose, or have beaten out of us, that VIP so we flounder and flail around doing the best that we can at that moment in time.

Let me:

  • Help you connect with the Passion, Purpose and Peace you are entitled to – bring meaning and purpose to your life
  • Help you reconnect with your real life – the way you were born to be; be that VIP person you are!
  • Help you to find your LoveLife. Fall in love with yourself – you are worth it.

I work with all the above problems and many not mentioned. Call or email me for a free consultation – more details about free consultations HERE

I do not give advice, so I do not have your answers.

You already have the answers but I have the way to help you find them.