Phase 2 Life Builder

Phase 2: The Rebuilding and Support sessions – Life Builder©.

Phase 2 of theFlourish Programme with Richard Wain dartford Hypnotherapy cressinghams

Build New a new future with Life Builder – Phase 2 of the Flourish Programme

This part of the programme is optional. Yes, you read it correctly – optional. Most people who have undergone Flourish Hypnotherapy have totally dissociated from their problem and suffer none of the symptoms at all – forever. This means they are able to get out there and enjoy life again. However; there is a number of people who have lost their confidence and are unable ‘get out there’ again.

This is where Phase 2, Life Builder©, swings into action. This because The Flourish Programme is not just about getting rid of something – it is also used to put other things in as well. There are special exercises and techniques that allow people to regain their confidence, become more social, trusting and able to build safe relationships. They can start to look for work again, etc.

Life Builder©, like the therapy, does not follow a fixed framework or time scale. The life rebuild will be unique to you and take as many sessions as you feel you require. The vast majority of people need only 3-5 sessions. It is rare that more than this are required. When you had your addiction or disorder you probably put up some solid negative barriers. They are torn down by you with support from me – it’s time to build a new life with bricks of liberation and happiness.