Flourish Therapy Sessions

Flourish Hypnotherapy© Sessions

Let’s look a little deeper at the Flourish Hypnotherapy format for most treatments.

Flourish Hypnotherapy by Richard Wain

Flourish Hypnotherapy is Phase 1 of the Flourish Programme. It can get people where they need to be in just 2-3 sessions.

The format below is the one used for the majority of clients with minor habits or addictions. Different formats are used for different situations – anxiety, hypertension, etc.

We will use smoking as a typical example.

Nicotine elimination, (stop smoking). The programme can take as little as a single 2 hour session* to do the following:

  • stop you smoking
  • take away the nicotine craving
  • deal with any withdrawal symptoms under hypnosis
  • put an aversion in to stop you smoking again.

You were born a non-smoker and you decided to start the habit – which became an addiction, we need to put something in place to stop you starting the habit again after you have quit for good this time.

By the end of this session you will not be able to remember what it was like to have a nicotine craving! You will remember that you smoked but do not have any of the cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

*Most people need 3 hours to be able to assimilate all this therapy for other drugs or severe gambling problems. It is usually a 1 hour session to put all the foundations in place and then a 2 hour session to complete it.

If a client wishes to use a more traditional hypnotic trance that is OK with me. I never use ‘zonked-out’ trance.

I guide the client into a mind state in which the person is more susceptible to better ways of conducting their life. This does not have to be eyes closed hypnotic trance.

Unlike the ‘old style’ hypnotherapy, I don’t suggest things or tell you what to do. You are able to create the changes yourself – you see, sense and live those changes. Self-generated changes are so much more powerful than suggestions.

When using Flourish Hypnotherapy:

the following points are important to remember:

  • If you want, you can open/close your eyes at any time
  • You can come out of therapy at any time
  • It is impossible to get stuck in it
  • I cannot make you say or do anything you don’t want to do
  • This type of work will allow you to see, sense and live how you want your future to be right away
  • You have total control over the content of the sessions.
  • These methods will allow you to be able to let go of old habitual neural pathways and networks
  • Then you will be able to replace them with new and more beneficial ones
  • You are not asleep – you are awake and can remember everything
  • A lot of the time your eyes could open as if we are just chatting!
  • During your sessions I never follow a script like so many ‘old school’ hypnotherapists. I work with what you are doing at that moment
  • I do not ‘shoehorn’ you into a technique, as there are no techniques
  • Your treatment will be based completely around you and your needs, not a preset protocol
  • Everything we do is in simple and easy stages, each building on the one before, strengthening the new neural pathways
  • I work at your speed, I can’t make you go faster or slower
  • Usually you will be sat down; but some people may move round the room, (their choice) – the movement enhances the desired effect

It is important to understand that this is not a ‘cure-all’ for every problem. There are people with very deep-rooted psychological problems and those with significant metabolic addiction that will need help elsewhere.

Flourish Hypnotherapy is not suitable for some hard drug addicts.

Flourish Hypnotherapy can be complementary to other treatments for addiction or eating disorders. It is particularly useful in helping recovered addicts and anorexics to stay on the right track.

Most peoples’ situations take between 1-4 sessions to be totally eradicated. Many people are ‘sorted’ in a single 2 hour session. The average person take 3 hours to quit their addiction or bad habit. However; it does depend on their commitment to quitting, how powerful the addiction is and what it is. Eating disorders are usually 3-5 hours.

Very few clients have relapses as they have a powerful psychosomatic anchor in place. Relapses are almost always due to people not following the programme properly.

You can opt for completing only the Flourish Hypnotherapy. Many people do not need Phase 2 to rebuild their life.