Flourish Coaching

Flourish Coaching

Flourish Coaching is becoming an important method of personal change. We live in a world that is getting ever faster and people want a fast but effective fix to their problems. Traditional coaching is thought of as quite speedy but for most people it is still quite a slow process.

Flourish Coaching is ideal for those that do want hypnotherapy

Flourish Coaching is ideal for those that do want hypnotherapy

The basis for developing this rapid and powerful form of life changing was down to a ‘gut feeling’. Something ‘told me’ there had to be something better, (faster), than classical coaching methodologies. You are reading this, so you are thinking and feeling the same.

I needed a way to get straight to the point with a client so they could get to where they desired to be fast. I had to find a method to communicate on both conscious and unconscious levels with every client. I required a system that would allow all clients to glide into life change. And complete the improvements they so desired. But also do this fast – just a few sessions.

Some Classic Coaching techniques and tools are still used in the initial session.

The systems I developed will help you to realise and utilise your strengths and skills. And help you propel yourself to the future you want.

Many of the things below can be developed over a few sessions or on a Flourish Coaching VIP Day.

  • You can become focused on what you desire and many more choices are open to you. Allowing you to achieve your goals.
  • You will then be in control of your actions and not at the mercy of your old negative reactions
  • Transpersonal coaching maybe used
  • Applied Kinesiology can help find the inner truth about problems
  • By the use of enabling metaphors you may alter your perceptions and reality. Using special visualisations to explore your problems
  • Specialised language patterns utilsed make changes easy to do.
  • You will be learning the importance of intuition. And how to utilise your emotions with effect.
  • You will gain an understanding of Emotional Intelligence. And how to use it for your personal benefit

    Be a Bright Shiny Diamond and be successfil again

    Have Flourish Coaching be successful

  • Understand how we become our thoughts and words – the ‘mind-body’ connection
  • You are shown how disabling beliefs and emotions can ‘dissolve’ away
  • Why personal choice and positive intent are so powerful when use them the right way.
  • Why it is critical to be in the present, (the NOW), to understand that the future can be sensed right now
  • How to communicate with the mind and body to reveal the source of the blocks and problems. And to resolve them by understand the ‘energy’ of the mind and body
  • How to discover your life purpose

And more……

Flourish Coaching is a major development from the Flourish Programme. All the principles behind it are the same but the main premise is that hypnotherapy is not used. There is gentle relaxation and guided imagery during metaphor work. But no deep trance stuff at all. Much of it is done open eyed and even moving around the room.