How I work

How I work (1)

How I work is based on modern and cutting edge knowledge and not old psychologocal approach or theory. All the hypnotherapy or therapy work I do is very advanced and intiutive in nature. I use Flourish Hypnotherapy© It may be hypnotherapy but much of it can be done open-eyed and out of eyes closed hypnosis! It is Phase 1 of the Flourish Programme.

See below for an introduction to how I work in these two incredible systems.

Flourish Hypnotherapy is ideal for most people and and this is how I will work with them. However; severe problems will need the Flourish Programme especially addictions, extreme anxieties and eating disorders. This is because it has Phase 2 – Life Builder to use after therapy. A longer list is given below.

How I work is governed by you the client – what you say, think and do.

How I work 2

I will not:

  • take you on as a client regardless
  • take you into a deep somnambulistic trance in which you almost fall asleep, or do actually nod off
  • I will never ‘make’ you lift an arm or get you to feel your arm feel like rock – just to prove to you that you are hypnotised. (leave that nonsense on the stage)
  • read from prepared scripts – (one-size-fits-somebody, much of that script will not fit you)
  • offer your unconscious mind ‘useful suggestions’ (in the vague hope they will stick and make a difference)
  • give you a CD or other recording to listen to for 30 days afterwards (how poor must the quality of the hypnotherapy be, if you have got to listen to a CD for a month for it to work?)
  • go digging into the past and analyse a problem (once you have analysed it you still have to deal with so why waste time?)
  • get bogged down in psychological, or NLP dogma and expect you to fit the construct of it


How I work – really work

  • offer everyone a totally free consultation before we work together
  • I will use light trance or no trance at all – you will be fully aware of everything, will remember it all and feel changes as they happen
  • I never use scripts – every session is totally based around you. I even give you 100% control of the content of the sessions, I provide the processes for you to put your problems into perspective and create very powerful self-generated answers that fit you perfectly.
  • you will never get a CD or other recording from me.
  • the process has already happened in your brain, new neurological processes have occurred, changes are in place without analysing why the old patterns were there
  • you will have used your brain to let go of your problem in the way the neurology of your brain is designed to do – the way evolution designed our brains to work – not some 100 year old theory.


Flourish Programme©

How I work using the Flourish Programme has two parts. Phase 1 and Phase 2. Most people only ever need Phase 1.

Richard Wain using the Flourish Programme How I work

The Flourish Programme – like the Phoenix rising from the ashes and living again

Phase 1 : Flourish Hypnotherapy© this is a greatly enhanced form of an older advanced system called Responsive Hypnotherapy. (I have now upgraded Responsive Hypnotherapy to be the same as the Flourish Hypnotherapy© there is now now difference)

It is a whole mind-body process – totally psychosomatic in its effects. Spiritual aspects can be added to the process if required. (Please see the Spirituality page for this).

Phase 2: Life Builder©. This a special aftercare system is help to clients rebuild their life after an addiction, eating disorder, abuse or a major trauma and to allow them to flourish in the future.  

Flourish hypnotherapy©

This is a revolutionary therapy process that is based on scientific evidence such as Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Neuroscience, Evolutionary Psychology, quantum concepts, brain chemistry, hormones, clinical hypnotherapy and many other psychological concepts or principles.

You can change your reality very quickly using this form of hypnotherapy.

Flourish Hypnotherapy will still work even if I do not know what your problem is. I do not have to know what it is you are wanting to change in therapy. The process will still work but will not be as effective as if I did know the issue.

I use The Flourish Programme for all types of mind-body problems but it is very effective for:

  • Addictions – alcohol, weed, cocaine, gambling, porn, food, caffeine, etc.
  • Boosting health and immunological factors, (psychoneuroimmunology)
  • Developing deep spirituality and finding your purpose in life
  • Helping with cancer care
  • Autoimmune problems – symptom and pain reduction
  • Extreme stress and anger
  • Hypertension reduction
  • Diet control for Type II Diabetes treatment and reversal
  • OCD
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Eating disorders – all types
  • Severe psychosomatic problems
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Self harming

and many other serious conditions.

Much of this work can be out of trance.

Quite a lot of this powerful work is completed with eyes wide open and often standing or walking about. This movement is very important to some people in making massive changes very quickly indeed.  Several hours of ‘old style’ seated hypnotherapy can be completed in just minutes. Yes; just minutes.

The effects are almost instant, very dramatic and permanent. Not only is it phenomenally fast working but we never go digging into the past to analyse why you do something.