Children and Hypnotherapy

All children love stories. They especially like ones that allow their vivid imaginations to ‘run riot’.  One that take them to places of escape and great joy. The imagination fo most children have no boundaries. To children it is not about thinking outside the box – there is no box in the first place.

Even if there is a box it can be their racing car, a castle for a princess, a shop, hospital, a space ship or a million other things.

Children's Hypnotherapy is based round stories and metaphors

Hypnotherapy for children is based round stories and metaphors

The form of Flourish Hypnotherapy I use, when working with children, is based round stories and metaphors. Children are able to accept these processes as their imaginations are programmed to do so. Many children and young adults I have worked with in the past struggled to verbalise their worries and anxieties. This is where Flourish Hypnotherapy is able to provide a safe, comfortable supportive and easy way for children to let go. They do not need to attepmt to find the right words. Theey can feel it in their own mind, their own way. They can resolve their inner conflicts and move forward quite quickly.

Children’s hypnotherapy does not have to be intrusive. I do not go back and anayse their ptoblems. They do not have to relive painful memories or events. Children do not always have to divulge their problems in details to benefit from this form of work. They can use their metaphoric journey to heal without having to go through the pain of explaining it all.

I am very sensitive to their feelings and develop engaging individual treatments to support your child. They can then resolve their thoughts, fears and worries. Without difficult conversations or further anxiety being caused.

I create stories specific to the child so that I can connect with them. And treat their individual requirements. It may include a particular interest they have, a favourite TV or a video character. This allows them to connect with the processes. Without even realising that we are working on things they are finding difficult at

Stories for children's hypnotherapy

Children’s hypnotherapy through the magic of stories and metaphors

the time.

Every child must have an initial free consultation. They come and meet me and I can plan their story, (treatment). We book the first session at the end of the free consultation.

Getting a Child’s Consent

Yes that is correct. I need your child’s consent to the treatment! If you child feels pushed or coerced into having the treatments it will not work.bParents or primary care givers need to ensure that the child wants to come to the treatment sessions

A parent or an appropriate adult is required to be present in the session with the child. Should a child aged over 12 request to be treated alone I will accept this after the first session. In this situation the parents/care giver must provide written consent for the unchaperoned sessions. They must also accompany the child to my office and wait outside during the sessions. A chair is provided. They must not leave the building.

Young adults – aged 16 or over do not need any consent for treatment.

When approaching a child about hypnotherapy they are several thing that I suggest:

  • do not refer to the sessions as being medical, psychological or therapy
  • do not refer to the sessions hard work, difficult or it might make them upset to begin with
  • do not use the words therapy or hypnotherapy
  • do talk about a man who tells stories that have made lots of other kids feel better
  • see if they would like to go an listen to some of his stories

You have got the idea.

The Free Consultation

These are different for each child, so there is no fixed format. It is a friendly chat to find out about the problem and how they want to be thinking, feeling and behaving instead.

The focus is actually on the solution not the problem. I always work from the positive not the negative.

Please understand the child is my client not the adult. So, I will be talking directly to the child and NOT talking about them as if they are not present. I will ask any  adult present to let the child answer for them self. Please do not jump in to help them. If you do I may ignore you or ask you to be quiet.

If I need further information I usually get their permission to ask the adult a question to see what they think. This enables their reassurance that they are the most important person in the room. And their opinion matters to me.

Please visit my specialist site for working with children. CHILDREN’S HYPNOTHERAPY

FAQ about Hypnotherapy for Kids and Young Adults