What am I about

What am I about?

Along time ago a mentor said to me,

Do what you love, love what you do, give more than you take and exceed what you promise”.

Creator of the Flourish Programme and Responsive Hypnotherapy

Richard Wain Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist and Flourish Practitioner

I still live by those words. I do love my life. I live it with a Passion, a Purpose and in Peace with myself and those around me. I have let go of all my brain and body clutter*. We all can. I can this my LoveLife.

I want you to love yourself and love the whole of your life too. I want you to have the 3 “P“s. And get there quickly. It is time for you to LoveLife.

To do this together we will work on your 3 Ps. Everything I do is built round your 3 Ps.

Am I a hypnotherapist, counsellor, psychotherapist, coach, NLP Practitioner, Neuroimmunologist, Neuroscientist, Evolutionary Psychologist, Spiritual Enabler or Healer? All of these. First and foremost I am a very experienced clinical hypnotherapist who uses all of the above in his sessions with clients. Needless to say I do not use all of them on everyone – I use what is required or asked for by the client. I call myself a Flourish Practitioner.

I started my journey on this path of helping others the day I was born but ‘official training’ started in 1980 – I have been around quite a time. Some of my ‘official’ bits of paper saying I am qualified are listed on another page. But my real qualifications are my own life experiences, the experiences of my family and the thousands of clients I have worked with.

* A great deal of ‘bad stuff’ has happened in my life. It has gone – I have let it go. I have not let go of the memories but of the anguish associated with it. All of this bad stuff will, over time, be talked about in my Blog posts. I will use the videos to express how it has helped me to develop the Flourish Programme and help thousands of people over the years. There is an outine of some of the events on my Qualifications page. See menu on the right.