About Richard Wain

About Richard Wain

Along time ago a mentor said to me,

Do what you love, love what you do, give more than you take and exceed what you promise”.

I still live by those words. I do love my life. I live it with a Passion, a Purpose and in Peace with myself and those around me. I have let go of all my brain and body clutter*. We all can. I can this my LoveLife.

I want you to love yourself and love the whole of your life too. I want you to have the 3 “P“s. And get there quickly. It is time for you to LoveLife.

To do this together we will work on your 3 Ps. Everything I do is built round your 3 Ps.

Am I a hypnotherapist, counsellor, psychotherapist, coach, NLP Practitioner, Neuroimmunologist, Neuroscientist, Evolutionary Psychologist, Spiritual Enabler or Healer?

First and foremost I am a very experienced clinical hypnotherapist who uses all of the above in his sessions with clients. Needless to say I do not use all of them on everyone – I use what is required or asked for by the client.

* A great deal of ‘bad stuff’ has happened in my life. It has gone – I have let it go. I have not let go of the memories but of the anguish associated with it. All of this bad stuff will, over time, be talked about in my Blog posts. I will use the videos to express how it has helped me to develop the Flourish Programme and help thousands of people over the years.