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Flourish Hypnotherapy has been developed over many years, by me Richard Wain with the help of hundreds of clients.

Below is just a taster of what I use and do. Full details can be accessed by using the menu at the top of the page.


I am now providing high quality Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching via a video conferencing. In these awful pandemic times it is necessary to lower prices for those who are in distress and need access to affordable and effective help to their pain.

Hypnotherapy is excellent at clearing stress, anxiety, worry and dealing with ‘cabin fever’ due to isolation. And related issues.

You do not need to leave your home to benefit from these effective methods of help.

Video Link Hypnotherapy Counselling/Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

 My fees have been rolled back to those of 2008, (Except the Flourish Programme which had not been created then. But even that is reduced to what I would hace charged 12 years ago).

Traditional Clinical Hypnotherapy is only £45 per session.

Counselling/Psychotherapy is only £25 per session.

Life Coaching and Stress Management Coaching is £40 per session

The Flourish Programme – Hypnotherapy and Coaching formats only £60 per session.

Flourish Hypnotherapy Advanced Hypnotherapy at Cressingham Hypnotherapy

Flourish Hypnotherapy

A fast and effective way to clear your ‘brain clutter’. There is no analysing or digging in to the painful past. Your therapy can be completed in just a single 2 hour session. Very difficult issues may need another hour.

Mind (and Body) Health

The state of your mind has a direct effect on your immune system, health and well being. (And vice versa). Get rid of your stress, anxieties or addictions for greater life enjoyment.

Lady full of confidence, happy with lots of self-esteem

Be Happy, Confident and Yourself

Flourish Hypnotherapy or  Flourish Coaching can help you to be full of self-esteem, know who you are, give you confidence and be happy. Deal with anxiety, phobias, and other issues holding you back.

VIP Days using Responsive Hypnotherapy or Responsive Coaching

VIP Days

VIP Days are Enhanced Breakthrough Sessions. I use Flourish Hypnotherapy or Flourish Coaching to shift multiple problems in just one life changing day! These are usually 4-5 hours duration and deal with 3-5 issues in that time frame.

Hypnotic gastric bands with Richard Wain

Weight Loss and Gastric Bands

There is a 2 hour session for general weight loss. There is also a Mini-GastricBand or a Full-Gastric Band for those who need more control, lots of weight to lose or have several eating issues to deal with.

Children's hypnotherapy

Children and Adolescents

We were all born to be successful and be the best we can be. This applies to our children just as much as us. By using Flourish Hypnotherapy for children and adolescents they can let go of their problems and flourish in life.

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